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Sophisticated tech, unparalleled results – meet Auckland Eye’s new SMILE Pro laser

Sophisticated tech, unparalleled results – meet Auckland Eye’s new SMILE Pro laser

What if you could improve your vision in just 15 minutes? That’s the promise of Auckland Eye’s new SMILE Pro laser – a major step forward in eye-care technology.

Although Auckland Eye has been providing SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) vision correction with great success since 2017, the new tool will make the procedure even faster and safer. As Auckland Eye surgeon Dr Dean Corbett explains, it means less stress for patients.

“In short, it’s going to mean an easier, more tolerable procedure, considerably quicker.”

Fast, safe and stress-free

During SMILE surgery, a laser creates a lenticule (or disc shape) inside the cornea, which is removed through a tiny incision. This reshapes the cornea to optimise focus and sharpen vision.

While the procedure has always been relatively quick and non-invasive, the new technology will make it even faster. Dr Justin Mora, who has been performing laser surgery for over 20 years, says: “The older version of the Visumax could create the incision in 25 seconds. Now it’s under 10 seconds. From the patient’s point of view, that’s important.”

Dr Corbett agrees: “Everyone is anxious when their eyes are operated on. The anxiety that comes with this procedure is when people feel that they’re losing control – that portion of time makes people feel very vulnerable.”

As he likes to put it, going from 25 seconds of laser time to roughly 10 seconds, means the procedure is “60% less anxiety-provoking.”

Sophisticated technology and patient success

The new laser is fast – but that’s not the only improvement over the older version. The technology lets surgeons plan surgeries ahead of time for safer treatment and better patient outcomes.

“It uses a very sophisticated computer system where we measure the eye with a camera. That data is transferred electronically to the laser, and the computer will match the photo to the patient’s eye,” says Dr Corbett.

An infrared tracking device locks onto the eye, ensuring it is correctly oriented for optimal treatment.

Because the new laser is so precise, it will also help Auckland Eye offer SMILE to a wider range of patients. As Dr Mora explains, this will be particularly valuable for patients with astigmatism.

“The big difference comes in treating astigmatism, which happens when the cornea is a rugby ball shape. With previous tech, a high level of astigmatism often needed to be treated with Lasik. Now, it can be treated with SMILE Pro.”

The new laser also comes with algorithms that will allow us to treat long sight with SMILE, where previously LASIK was the only option.

As Dr Corbett sees it, the new laser is a natural step forward for a business that’s always been focused on patient centric life changing eye care.

“We see ourselves as providing the best level of service that we can offer our patients – and this is just a continuation of that,” he explains.