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About Us

Located in the green and leafy suburb of Remuera, Oasis Surgical is a visionary development that is utilised by leading eye specialists in Auckland. The facility is set in a private theatre complex and offers everything needed for premium surgical care, boasting premium day-stay facilities and three state-of-the-art theatres.

There is a dedicated laser suite that allows eye surgeons to provide a full range of eye procedures. In addition to eye surgeons and specialists, Oasis Surgical is also utilised by specialists in other medical fields.

Our priority is always our patients, and we truly pride ourselves in offering our patients the highest level of professionalism and care.

Oasis Surgical Vision and Values:

  • To be respected leaders in ophthalmic care in New Zealand
  • To provide premium, comprehensive ophthalmic services

Patient Statement

Here at Oasis Surgical, we are fully committed to ensuring our services are in line with the Code of Health and Disability Service Consumer Rights.

We are proud to be a smoke-free zone in accordance with the Smoke-free Environments Act. Oasis Surgical is a Quality Health New Zealand-accredited facility and an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society. Advocacy services are free and confidential. Phone: 0800 555 050 or email: advocacy@hdc.org.nz for more information.

A Comprehensive Range of Procedures & Treatments

Oasis is a cutting-edge surgical facility for the Auckland Eye private specialist group of companies that offer:

SMILE Pro, LASIK, PRK, Presbyond, Cataract, Dry Eye

SMILE Pro Laser Surgery

SMILE Pro laser eye surgery works by reshaping your cornea to give you sharper vision.

LASIK Laser Surgery

Oasis Surgical is proud to offer LASIK laser eye surgery in Auckland from our dedicated laser suite.

PRK Eye Surgery

Photo-refractive keratectomy is used to treat nearsightedness and farsightedness, as well as astigmatism.

Presbyond Surgery

This laser vision correction surgery has become incredibly popular as it greatly reduces the need for reading glasses.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery removes cataracts to restore clearer vision. This is a very simple and quick procedure.

Dry Eye Clinic

The Dry Eye Clnic is used to treat dry eye syndrome and provide relief to those suffering from dry eyes.

Our Specialists

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement
The information related to your personal details and medical and health history that Oasis Surgical collects from you or your health service provider is used for the provision of your treatment at our facility, as well as for legislative requirements.

Your patient rights will always be upheld, as defined in the Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act 1993. This includes your right to access and, if necessary, request correction of any information we hold about you.

For more information on privacy and confidentiality, please refer to the official Privacy Commissioner website www.privacy.org.nz Please feel free to get in touch with Oasis Surgical should you have any questions about privacy and confidentiality.

Get In Touch

Whether you’re interested in squint surgery, lens replacement surgery, or are looking for an emergency optometrist in Auckland, feel free to get in touch with our professional team today.