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Relax. Here’s everything you want to know.




There is plenty of parking available on site at Oasis Surgical. Currently, the car park is accessed from 8 St Marks Road. If you are undergoing any eye procedure under sedation, or local or general anaesthetic, or you are having cataract surgery, you will be unable to drive following your procedure. 


What to bring with you

  • Please wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing. During your stay we will provide you with a gown to wear over the clothes you are wearing                                       
  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home following your surgery. You may wish to organise for an adult to be with you for about 24 hours following your surgery. Or possibly longer, if you require additional help. This may especially be the case where your surgery has been performed under general anaesthetic or sedation
  • Please wear as little make-up as possible and remove all nail polish and piercings
  • Please bring any personal aids such as contact lenses, glasses, hearing aid, dentures, walking frame and any other special equipment you may require during your procedure
  • Please leave your valuables, including jewellery, at home
  • Mobile phones are not to be used in the theatre suite area


Arrival and admission

You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you on the day of surgery. If they wish to stay until you are ready for discharge a waiting area is available for them. Alternatively, the admission nurse will be able to give them an approximate time that you will be ready for collection but this can of course vary. The person collecting you can be contacted when you are ready to go home, if they prefer not to wait.

One of our nurses will admit you and prepare you for your procedure or surgery. Please let your nurse know if you have any particular cultural, spiritual, social or emotional needs that would help us in planning your care. Your nurse will also be able to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Your specialist and (if applicable) your anaesthetist will see you before your procedure or surgery.

Your arrival time is usually 30-60 minutes prior to your procedure to allow time for your nurse/specialist to assess your individual needs and carry out any preparation required for your procedure. The nurse also ensures all the necessary forms and checks have been completed before you have your eye surgery.


During your eye surgery

Usually, you will be required to lie flat on a theatre bed for your procedure. 

For cataract or specialised eye surgery that involves operating inside the eye, it is important that you are able to lie still and in a flat position for approximately 30 minutes. Please inform the staff if you have any issues with lying in a flat position for long or if you have a tendency to cough. 

The surgeon will clean around the eye and a drape placed over the area to be treated. Sometimes as a safety precaution, it is also necessary to have paper tape placed securely across your forehead that will help keep your head in place for the microscopic eye surgery. You will also be monitored throughout your procedure.


Surgery / Procedure Discharge

After surgery you will be taken on the bed to the recovery area. The monitoring equipment will be removed and you will be walked to the patient lounge for refreshments. The nurse will give you a post-operative pack, containing your medications and written instructions on how to care for your eye following the surgery, and confirm your first post-op appointment.

If at any stage of the discharge process you are unsure of any information or instructions you have been given, or you would like additional information about your procedure or operation or subsequent follow-up care, please do not hesitate to ask the nursing staff or your specialist.

When you are ready to leave Oasis Surgical, the nursing staff will assist in contacting the person you have nominated to collect you. We strongly recommend that you do not take a taxi on your own or or any form of public transport.

Please note that patients must not drive for 24 hours following a general anaesthetic, sedation or after cataract surgery.

We strongly recommend that you arrange for a responsible adult family member or friend to stay with you for your first night at home after your operation.